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Have You Done Your Blogging Homework Assignment?

By: Tina Willis, Inbound Marketing Manager at Buzz12

This is not your average homework assignment.

Yes, blogging can be dreaded by a person who doesn’t consider writing to be fun. But don’t think of it like the writing assignment you did in English class. Think of blogging as writing about something you feel passionate about, in your own voice… the way you would speak, an informal piece of information that you want to share with the public.

If you’re not blogging for your company, here’s why you should:

Blogging involves forming and sharing interesting, relevant, and gripping content…with the purpose of engaging and interacting with current and prospective clients.

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Fresh Brew Review: Goose Island 312


I lived in Chicago for a couple of years, during which time I went to Chicago Portfolio School. If you’re not familiar with portfolio school, it’s essentially trade school for advertising. Basically, it simulates an agency environment by giving you a ton of problems to solve, lots of campaigns to develop, and never enough time for any of it to get done. So there are lots of late nights and lots of beers consumed afterward.

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A Villanelle for Managing Time


Juliana Morgado, a project coordinator in Intermark’s interactive department, was challenged to write a poem about project management after finding out she attended Alabama School of Fine Arts in creative writing. Her villanelle style poem is a nineteen-line poetic form consisting of five tercets followed by a quatrain.

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Do you have a personal CRM? You should.


By Ashley Davis, Group Director/Client Partner at Intermark Group

When was the last time you wrote a thank you note?

I don’t mean the one you mailed to Auntie Vera for the horrendous hot air balloon sweater your mom made you wear for Kindergarten pictures (okay, maybe I’m speaking from experience).

I’m talking about a handwritten, thank you note to let a client know you value them and their business. You know, one you put in an envelope, write a person’s address on and include a stamp before walking it to the mailbox?

We’ve all be in a quick client meeting or taken the longer business trip where we’ve participated in days of brainstorm sessions. Afterwards, we hit the office with a smile on our face – usually exhausted, because we know we’re coming back with a to-do list as long as our arm. But also coming back with business, which means we’re thankful – grateful even – for that meeting, client or project.

These are perfect opportunities to write thank you notes. To make sure our client knows they’re appreciated.

But handwritten notes shouldn’t be used only for clients.

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Employee Spotlight: Becci Hart, President of Intermark Public Relations


This month marks Becci Hart’s 15th anniversary at Intermark Group (congrats, from the team!).

If you’ve had the privilege to work with Becci, then you probably know she is full of quotables. Fun ones. Serious ones. And business ones.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff” is definitely one motto she lives by, and manages her team by.

“Reminding ourselves to breathe is commonly forgotten in the world of public relations where stress is always high and the to-do list is never ending. Get your work done. Stay calm. No one is going to die.”

So we were glad when Becci took a moment to hang out with us – and breathe – while we chatted about the road she’s taken to becoming, as her Twitter handle puts it: Public Relations Baroness (Queen was taken).

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Graphic Creative vs. Digital Coding: The Modern Designer

By Matthew Perrault, Graphic/U.I. Designer at Intermark Group 

When I graduated from Philadelphia University in 2012, the world of graphic design was turning upside-down.

My university (and its nearby competitors) planned–for the first time ever–to integrate graphic design and digital design courses for next school year. The program change was brought about by a singular thought: What if all designers were trained in both creative design principles and front-end development?

Today, most universities have fully integrated their programs. This means up-and-coming designers are no longer strictly graphic designers or digital designers. They’re becoming what I call a “modern designer”–one who is well versed in both traditional graphic design and digital development.

Seems simple enough, right?

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Apple Releases: A Talk with Birmingham Developers

This article was originally posted on 

Last night at midnight, Apple opened up pre-orders on its just-announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. 

By all accounts the process was a mess, with lots of carriers, including Apple, knocked offline due to the onslaught of people fumbling over one another to throw money one of the richest companies in the world.

Nevertheless, and in true Apple form, they outdid themselves once again, reporting record sales this morning, when the phone had been available for less than 12 hours. 

"Response to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been incredible, with a record number of preorders overnight," Apple said.

They must have seen this coming. As Cnet reports, the company ordered 70 to 80 million units from their suppliers back in July. This is a significant increase from the iPhone 5 supplier order of 50 to 60 million units. 

That’s a lot of phones, ladies and gentlemen. 

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Our Agency Site is Now in Shape

What shape is our agency in these days? Pretty good shape, actually.

Especially since we just reshaped our entire website. We’ve overhauled the entire thing, soup to nuts, to reflect our growing reputation and our unique positioning in the world of advertising.

Intermark has always shaped brands, but now more than ever we’re reshaping them for a constantly changing world. It’s a world that doesn’t stand still for anything or anyone, and we make sure our brands are ready to meet the challenges of such a fast-moving marketplace. 

How do we do it? With creative psychologyWhat that means is we merge the left brain - science, analytics, technical expertise - with the right brain - creativity, intuition, psychological understanding. Together, these two different disciplines form a more expansive approach to problem solving. And that unique way of thinking helps us create the most comprehensive and proprietary brand platforms for every client we have on our roster.  

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What Are Beacons and How Can Businesses Use Them to Drive Customer Interaction?

By Brian Cauble, mobile digital strategist at Intermark Group

Have you ever taken the time to think about how far technology has come?

If you’re at least 40 years old, you remember a time when there were only four to five TV channels and changing the channel required walking to the television set.

There was no Google to search, Internet, Facebook, email or cellphone. It wasn’t until the invention of the iPhone in 2008 that people finally had a computer with them nearly all the time, fully equipped with Internet, telephone, text messaging and email services.

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Tech on Tap Re-cap: User Experience (UX)


By Jim Crapia, Director of Emerging Technologies at Intermark Group

Last week members of the Intermark team were happy to be a part of the latest Tech On Tap event, which is an event that brings together the Birmingham community to discuss trends and events in the business of technology.  August’s event, “User Experience (UX):  What the hell it is, and what it is not! Cutting through all the buzz words!” included panelists Sean Brasher, VP of Technology at Intermark; Will Sansbury, Product strategy & Design from Daxko; Matt Landers, CEO of Platypi and Brian Cauble, Director of Product & Mobile Digital Strategist from Intermark, who served as the moderator.

So what is UX?  Let’s look at the expert’s take on it.

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