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Working on a Creative Team, or What I Call My Second Marriage

By Erin Gulyas, Copywriter at Intermark Group 

Ever wondered how an advertising agency comes up with powerful creative concepts?

Within creative departments, there are smaller creative teams. Though it sometimes varies, these creative teams are usually comprised of a copywriter and an art director. Together, the copywriter and art director work to develop concepts that “answer” a creative brief (the project goals, description and requirements).

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5 Tips to Engage Consumers on Your Lead Generation Website

By Matt McKenzie, Vice President of Strategy and Revenue

Have you been looking for lead converting opportunities?  If not, you should be.

According to HubSpot, 93 percent of companies using inbound marketing increase their lead generation. Of those companies, roughly 38 percent using HubSpot have experienced an increase in their leads of more than 100 percent!

Once your lead generating website is live, there are 5 ways you can engage consumers:

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Sneak Peek - Bud’s Best Cookies


The countdown to football is on! With college sports more popular than ever and a fan base that continues to grow, more and more companies from all industries have incorporated football into their ads. Many companies have taken inspiration from larger athletic gear companies. This growing trend has now hit Intermark! We are excited to give you a sneak peek of this ad for our client, Bud’s Best Cookies before the start of this year’s highly anticipated football season arrives. 


Where Did My Show Go?


By Beth Hamer, Media Buyer at Intermark Group

It’s a scenario we all know too well. We fall in love with the underdog show, the one you love to DVR but doesn’t really manage to catch on with your friends and coworkers. After a few episodes, the announcement comes that your show has been cancelled, and you’re left wondering what happened.

There are plenty of reasons why shows can get cancelled, including low viewership, low ad dollars, financial issues on set and bad critical reviews. Each show that gets cancelled has to weigh all the considerations before it can be pronounced dead, but too often it can seem like networks don’t even consider how beloved a show was to its audience.

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Farewell, Summer 2014 Intern Recap

Every summer Intermark Group invites a new group of interns to the agency where they will work for 11 weeks to produce real work for real clients. The internship is a highly sought after opportunity to work under some of the most talented professionals in the area. Intermark interns gain an experience unlike most other internships because the interns form their own account team to conceptualize and pitch to an actual client at the end of the summer. However, the hard work and real life experience are what make a summer with Intermark worth it.

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Five Tips to the Perfect Press Pitch


By Katie Huffaker, Account Coordinator at Intermark Group 

Media pitches are the foundation to the success of good public relations.

Pitches offer journalists a proposed storyline or angle, in hopes of persuading them to write a story for their clients. Pitches provide countless possibilities, but it’s crucial that public relations professionals create pitches that are newsworthy and compelling.

How you pitch a story matters – from start to finish – and the details are critical.  

Make sure to implement these five components in your pitching routine:

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Behind the Scenes - University of Alabama

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our latest University of Alabama shoot for the SUPe Store fall campaign, “Get Your First ‘A’.” The campaign is focusing on incoming freshman to visit the newly renovated SUPe Store and get their first bit of Alabama gear. The “A” is a play on words that give it a double meaning – “A” in school and an Alabama “A”. 

These photos will run on all fall banners, posters and buses as well as in the SUPe Store.

Share with us if you see any of our ads around campus! 

Bring Your Content Marketing to Life with Content Tools

By Sean Brasher, Vice President of Technology at Intermark Group

Q: What’s the harshest truth when it comes to content marketing?

A: The marketplace for content is just as competitive as the industries that spawn it.

With 25 percent of all marketing dollars now earmarked for content marketing, with more than 400 years of new video posted to YouTube every day and more than 150 million blogs currently online, consumers aren’t exactly starving for new content.

Most of today’s content marketing focuses on how to make your content stand out in this crowd: how to make a headline more provocative, how to help a video go viral or how to use controversial content to draw in viewers.

But for a modest budget there’s a more effective way to draw in viewers: Give them tools masquerading as content.

The basic plan for content marketing remains unchanged.
1) You have expertise in your product area.
2) You share that expertise in a public forum to enhance the appeal of your product.

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