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Bring Your Content Marketing to Life with Content Tools

By Sean Brasher, Vice President of Technology at Intermark Group

Q: What’s the harshest truth when it comes to content marketing?

A: The marketplace for content is just as competitive as the industries that spawn it.

With 25 percent of all marketing dollars now earmarked for content marketing, with more than 400 years of new video posted to YouTube every day and more than 150 million blogs currently online, consumers aren’t exactly starving for new content.

Most of today’s content marketing focuses on how to make your content stand out in this crowd: how to make a headline more provocative, how to help a video go viral or how to use controversial content to draw in viewers.

But for a modest budget there’s a more effective way to draw in viewers: Give them tools masquerading as content.

The basic plan for content marketing remains unchanged.
1) You have expertise in your product area.
2) You share that expertise in a public forum to enhance the appeal of your product.

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Ad of the Month – Sam Galloway Lincoln

Sam Galloway Ford Lincoln is one of the premier dealerships in Southwest Florida. Vazda Studios and Intermark Group joined together to produce this TV spot highlighting the community involvement and service over the past 85 years by the Galloway family.

The spot was shot locally in Fort Myers and features Sam Galloway’s son Robert, vice president of both the Ford and Lincoln dealerships. The commercial ties in the Ford Motor Company’s 100th anniversary by starting the first scene with a nostalgic black-and-white flashback of a leisurely drive in a ’59 Lincoln. The driver changes the radio station to modern-day music, which triggers the transformation from vintage car to brand-new MKZ. The MKZ then pulls up in front of the brand-new Lincoln store.

This concept shows that Lincoln’s tradition of luxury continues with modern-day style and technology all in a new state-of-the-art facility.

5 Ways Twitter Supports TV Advertising

By: Libby Pageassociate media planner at Intermark Group

We all know Twitter has been a huge success story. Its function as a global chat room with 255 million users and 500 million tweets per day has given advertisers the opportunity to reach a very captive audience.

A lot of research has been done in the last few years that show an undeniable connection between Twitter and television advertising. As advertising professionals, it’s important for us to understand the connection between these two platforms in order to implement holistic media plans that stay consistent from medium to medium.

So how do Twitter and TV ads relate? Why should advertisers be concerned about how their TV ad campaigns and Twitter platform mesh?

Here’s the top 5 ways Twitter supports TV advertising.

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Employee Spotlight: New Zealand Copywriter at Home in the Magic City


Erin Gulyas made her way to the Magic City after studying and working in Auckland, New Zealand.  While she didn’t return with an accent, she did return with several awards and a knock-your-socks-off client roster that gives her the experience to score on Intermark’s creative team.

Here’s a little bit more about what this global copywriter’s working on at Intermark, and a little more about her life outside of work.

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How to write a bad headline (and this one is pretty bad)


By Erin Guylas, copywriter at Intermark Group

Copywriters are appropriately called wordsmiths. You’re constantly putting words together, vetoing them and trying out new things. You experiment, you play, you agonize and you keep trying for that perfect combination of words that makes your concept sing.

Sometimes it’s easy. Often it’s downright hard. One thing’s certain: if you know how to recognize a bad headline, you’ll be able to write a good headline.    

Here’s how you write a BAD headline:

  1. Pun-ish your audience with puns. Everyone loves a good pun. So include as many as you can, because they’ll think it’s punny.
  2. Include as many calls to actions as you can.
  3. Dont proofread you’re headline. After All, its not what you say butt how your saying it.
  4. Add many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!
  6. While we’re at it why not take away all punctuation because things like commas periods quotation marks and more just get in the way of your ad

On occasion you can use these bad headline rules to write good headlines.

Over the years, award-winning work has been based off a pun, used all capital letters or removed all punctuation. The bad-turned-good-headlines works best when you know your concept, what you’re trying to say and the medium that you’re using. For example, check out this ad from snickers.

And that’s why these easily-breakable rules make copywriting so hard. Because there really aren’t hard rules, only gut instinct. But, hey, that’s what copywriters are here for, right?

The Keys to a Perfect Blog Post


By Tina Willis, Inbound Marketing Manager at Buzz12

What is a perfect blog post and how is it written? This is the question most people ask when tackling their first blog.  

Your blog posts should offer helpful, valuable and educational information.

Well-written blog posts also should have this goal: to attract the right kind of visitors to your website. Once a visitor finds your blog, this opens the door to your company, brand, service or product.  

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How To Conduct an SEO Audit, Part 2 

By: Neal Fondren, Senior Vice President of Interactive Strategy at Intermark Group

In a previous blog post, we discussed three of the six most critical areas you need to be focusing on while doing a website SEO audit: URL structuring, duplicate content and meta title tags.

Now it’s time to learn why description tags, page errors and content also are essential to top SEO performance.  

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